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Foreign Rights

Futa Fata welcomes foreign rights enquiries related to our original publications.
We also welcome submissions and information on fiction and non-fiction titles published since
2010 in languages other than English which would be of interest to an Irish readership.

Futa Fata sells the rights to our original publications on the world market.

We attend a number of international book fairs annually.

To arrange a meeting at Frankfurt Book Fair - October 2022 Please write to

Frankfurt Book Fair - October 2022 

Spring 2022 Catalogue

Here are the titles currently available:   


Skunk and Sniffy 

   A really cute, comfort-blanket story, featuring a truly loveable hero.

  Muireann Ní Chíobháin is an established TV writer and experienced children’s performer.

  Paddy Donnelly’s engaging illustrations bring this cute story to life.
  thing about Percy that makes it very hard NOT to
  notice him...


Little Skunk is inseparable from his soft toy friend, Sniffy. They go everywhere together. One of the things Skunk most likes about Sniffy is his unmistakeable smell. Anytime Skunk feels sad or anxious, a sniff of Sniffy makes everything ok again. Until the day that Sniffy loses his special smell. What can Skunk do to make Sniffy his lovely old sniffeable self again? Could Mommy Skunk help to put things right?

Author: Muireann Ní Chíobháin

Illustrator: Paddy Donnelly

230mm x 265mm, Full Colour    

Rights Sold: Breton (Brittany, France) Scots Gaelic (Scotland)

Percy Peacock

 Percy Peacock is shy. He doesn’t like being noticed. But there’s one big, beautiful, attention-grabbing
thing about Percy that makes it very hard NOT to notice him...
An adorable story about a quiet little bird with a big brave heart – and a pretty impressive tail!         


Gemma Breathnach is an established television writer in Ireland, contributing scripts

to drama series such as  Seacht and Ros na Rún. She has always had a passion for books.

Luán agus an Mórphianó her first book was published in 2015 by Futa Fata.

Author Gemma Breathnach 

Illustrator: Tarsila Krüse

265mm x 230mm, Full Colour    

Rights Sold: All Rights Available

Teeny Tiny 

 Nina’s little brother Jimmy is always interrupting
her when she’s busy playing. She wishes she could be tiny and go and play in her dolls’ house, with no Jimmy.
But when Nina’s wish suddenly comes true, things don’t quite work out the way she hoped...


Sadhbh Devlin is a writer, columnist, television presenter and researcher. She lives in Wicklow.

Her award-winning blog is where she writes about seasonal celebrations,

simple craft projects and the adventures she has with her twin girls.  She also has her own column in the Easy Parenting Magazine.


Roisin Hahessy is an Irish Illustrator currently based in Joinville, Brazil.
She grew up in Ireland and she spent her childhood drawing, colouring and painting.

Shortly after graduating at an animation college in Dublin, she began working in television, creating graphics and animations.

In 2015 Róisín moved to Brazil, giving her more freedom and time to focus on what she really loves, and was able to develop

her portfolio and illustration style. Her inspiration comes from all around; her dreams (sometimes very strange dreams!) play a big part,

and also simple things that she sees in everyday life. She works mainly digitally, but when she needs a break from the screen or just

time to relax, she loves to pick up a pencil and draw.

Author Sadhbh Devlin

Illustrator: Róisín Hahessy

265mm x 230mm, Full Colour    

Rights Sold: All Rights Available

 Come Play with me!   

  Luna is an inventor with a problem – Mum is too busy to play with her brand new Time Machine.

  Can Luna find a way to help Mum make time to play? 

  “With gorgeous pictures by Tarsila Krüse, Sadhbh Devlin’s “Come Play With Me!”

 reminds us that we all need to make time for play.”

  PJ Lynch, Former Laureate na nÓg

Author: Sadhbh Devlin is a writer,columnist, television presenter and researcher. She lives in Wicklow.

Her award-winning blog is where she writes about seasonal celebrations, simple craft projects and the adventures I have with my girls. I also mention fairies and unicorns a fair She has her own column in the Easy Parenting Magazine also.

Illustrator: Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Tarsila Krüse is a Children's Books Illustrator who loves creating fun art for children (and children at heart!) and her work is influenced by everyday things and relationships. Tarsila loves to draw and eat cake, she collects picture books from around the world and lives in Dublin - Ireland with her husband, son, and two dogs, Pixel and Tag.

Ná Gabh ar scoil! her first picture book, was also short-listed for the Réics Carló Award and the Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year Award.

Author Sadhbh Devlin

Illustrator: Tarsila Krüse

265mm x 230mm,  Full Colour    

Rights Sold: All Rights Available

 Don't go to school! 

 A very funny story with a very useful, reassuring message about starting school

or playschool. Máire’s tale of the Mommy bear who can’t let go will charm little

ones and their parents alike.


Little Tommy is very excited about his first day in school. He’s up early and ready to go,

but there’s just one problem – Mommy can’t bear the thought of being separated from him!

Shortlisted for Irish book of the Year 2016

Shortlisted for Childrens Book Ireland Book of the Year 2016

Author Máire Zepf 

Illustrator: Tarsila Krüse

265mm x 230mm, Full Colour    

Rights Sold: Korea /North America (English), Breton, China, Turkey

The Very, very, very hungry Goat


 Houseproud Cáit leaves her laidback husband Peadar to cut the grass in her pristine garden,

 while she is away for the day. Peadar HATES cutting the grass. When he sees a herd of farm

 animals being brought to the local market, he has an idea – why bother cutting the grass

 when he can buy a hungry goat to eat it instead? Trouble is, Peadar buys a very

 hungry goat – a very, very, very hungry goat, a goat who isn’t the slightest bit fussy what he eats!

This laugh-out-loud tale will delight children as  they turn the pages to see how badly Peadar’s plan could go wrong....

Author Máire Ní Chualáin 

Illustrator: Natasha Rimmington

265mm x 230mm,  Full Colour    

Rights Sold: Breton, Korea

Don't Wake the Baby!                                                                                                        

 Orco is a busy little monster. As well as having a brand new baby sister,

 he’s just been given a magician’s kit for his birthday. So as not to wake the baby,

 Orco tries to do some very quiet magic. But then a spell he weaves actually works...

Little monsters everywhere will love this tale of magic, adventure and a

baby that must not be woken – no matter what!

Author Patricia Forde

Illustrator: Steve Simpson

265mm x 230mm,  Full Colour    

All Rights Available:

 The Dragon Hunter                                                                                                          

 Little bear wants to hunt a dragon!  He has the expertise and the necessary tools. 

 So long as there are no scary dark forests or smoke from the dragon’s fire,

 little Bear is confident he will catch a dragon! But when he embarks on a

 daring quest,deep into the land of imagination, the little bear discovers

 just how brave he can be.

              Awards: Shortlisted CBI-Childrens Book of the Year Awards 2013 Ireland

             Shortlisted-Irish Book of the year Awards 2013

             White Ravens Exhibition –Bologna Childrens Book Fair 2013

Author: Patricia Forde

Illustrator: Steve Simpson

265mm x 230mm,  Full Colour    

Rights Sold: French (worldwide excluding Canada), Akrikaans, Thailand, Brittany,

Korea, China. 

 Lulu and the Noisy Night 

 Travel with Lulu through a noisy night and get a bird’s eye view of the forest animals

 that keep her awake at night.  One by one all of the monkeys have gone to sleep.

 All of them, that is, except for Lulu. The jungle is a noisy place at night and Lulu

 cannot sleep because she is afraid. All of this changes, however, when she joins

 her best friend in the world, Jackie the Owl, on a magical journey through the

moonlit forest. It isn't long before Lulu realises that the jungle may not be such a

frightening place after all.

Press Reaction:

“A great book filled with the sounds of wild animals and wonderful illustrations”-

INIS Childrens Magazine-Ireland

Picture Book

Author: Bridget Bhreathnach

Illustrator: Steve Simpson

265mm x 230mm, 32 Pages, Full Colour    

Rights Sold: Chinese (mainland), Scotland (Gaelic), Thailand

 The Sleepy Rooster   

  Beautiful illustrations children will love. A story everyone can identify with,

  about fitting in and finding your own special talent.

  Farmyard stories are some of the best sellers in picture books worldwide!

  Featured in prestigious White Ravens 2012 Exhibition at Bologna Childrens Book Fair 

Author Nuala Nic Con Iomaire

Illustrator: Donough O'Malley

230mm x 265mm, 32 Pages,  Landscape, Full Colour

Rights Sold: Chinese (mainland), Scotland, (Gaelic), Thailand, Breton, Korea

 The King's Cake 

  Ruby is a popular and successful baker. Customers come from far and wide to order one of her

  extra-special birthday cakes. The mice who live in her bakery would love to help,

  but Ruby prefers to work alone. When the King orders a super-special cake for his birthday,

  Ruby and the mice are delighted and excited – until disaster strikes....


Press reaction:

‘With excellent illustrations by Steve Simpson...this story will delight

pre-schoolers’ The Irish Examiner

Author Ailbhe Nic Giolla Bhrighde

Illustrator: Steve Simpson

230mm x 265mm, Landscape, Full Colour, Picture Book

Rights Sold: Chinese (mainland), Scotland, (Gaelic), Thailand

 Coco the Friendly Swordfish 

 Coco is friendly and popular at school. But when her family moves to a new home, her new

 schoolmates don’t want to play with her – they have never met a swordfish,

 with such a long sharp nose! Will Coco ever make new friends?

                Awards: Shortlisted Réics Carló Award 2011, Ireland

Press Reaction:

“Will inspire children to respect the dignity of others...a beautiful book”

INTOuch, Primary Teachers’ Magazine

Author Ailbhe Nic Giolla Bhrighde

Illustrator Brian Fitzgerald

230mm x 265mm, Full Colour

Rights Sold: Chinese (mainland), Scotland

Luan and the Grand Piano 

  • A heart-warming story about an adorable little outsider who has a big dream.
  • Beautiful illustrations will draw young readers in.

Luán, a very musical mouse, lives beneath the floor of a wonderful concert hall.

He dreams of taking centre stage with the orchestra – an unlikely dream, given that mice are

not allowed anywhere near the concert hall. The arrival of a grand piano, and a guest soloist,

makes Luan long even more for his moment of fame – but how could his impossible dream ever come true?

Author Gemma Breathnach

Illustrator: Delphine Bodet

230mm x 265mm, 32 pages, Full Colour, Landscape

All Rights Available:

Vincent Brown

Vincent Brown is a grumpy bear. He hates twittering birds and fluttering butterflies.

He looks forward to the long dark winter when he can be all alone.

But as he settles down for his winter sleep,

he is disturbed by a sound he has never heard before – a sound that will change his life forever....

Author Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin

Illustrator Írisz Agócs

230mm x 265mm, 32 page, Full Colour, Landscape

Rights Sold: China, Korea

It Wasn't me  

   Séimí is never alone. Even when there’s no-one else around, he invents a

   friend or two to play with. But if he ever has a mishap, it’s never Séimí’s fault –

   his imaginary friends are always to blame! Just when Mom has heard one tall tale too many,

   three little elephants appear and cause all sorts of mischief.

Jamie tries to persuade Mom that this  time it really isn’t his fault, but will she believe him?

Author Bridget Breathnach

Illustrated by  Donough O'Malley

  32 pg, Full Colour, 235 x 260 mm

 Rights Sold: China (mainland)


  Author Patricia Forde

  Illustrated by  Joelle Dreidemy

  48 pg, Full Colour, P/B, 146 x 212 mm

   All Rights Available

Independent Readers Series

Trixie and Tony - Series of three titles

An original and funny premise: Tony the absent-minded vet thinks he’s in charge,but the practise is really run by his dog, Trixie. Children will love this world of animal adventures.

Trixie is a very organised dog and it’s just as well, because his master, Tony the vet is decidedly disorganised. Some of the animals that are brought to this vet are pretty difficult to deal with – their owners are even trickier!

Trixie and Tony- That's one sneaky Cat!  

  When Cleopatra, a very posh but sneaky cat, comes to Tony’s clinic looking for a beauty   treatment,Trixie  is annoyed. Tony’s clinic is for  helping sick animals, not for pampering silly cats! But   when Cleopatra   escapes into the night, Trixie is worried. If he doesn’t find that sneaky cat, Tony the kind vet will be in big,   big trouble... 

Trixie and Tony- The Mysterious Dog 

Shortlisted for Young Peoples Irish Book of the Year award- Ireland 2016

When Trixie and Tony find an injured dog while out walking, they are mystified. Where did this unusual dog come from? Why does he claim that his lost collar was a present from the King of Spain? And who could want to kidnap him from the clinic in the dead of night? Little do they realise that uncovering the mystery will lead Trixie and Tony all the way to the President’s House!

  Author Patricia Mac Eoin

  Illustrated by  Richard Watson

  48 pg, Full Colour, P/B, 146 x 212 mm

   All Rights Available

Trixie and Tony- The Tired Racehorse

Can Trixie help cure an exhausted race horse?

   Author Patricia Mac Eoin

   Illustrated by Richard Watson

   48 pg, Full Colour, P/B, 146 x 212 mm

   All Rights Available